Text Headings

Heading 1 - Bold H1 - Italics H1

This is for Page Titles

This is a paragraph text block. The font-family, spacing, size and color are important to have right as this contributes to readability across the website. Secondly, the paragraph text may fit inside a narrow blocks of text that need to fit correctly as well as be in very large paragraph areas.

Heading 2 - Bold H2 - Italics H2

This is the most common heading element used on the site

Heading 3 - Bold h3 - Italics H3

This is used for less important titles as well as for Title sub-points

Image Blocks


This is an Image Poster

This is a subtitle for said image poster


Stack Image



Card Image

Description for Card Image


Overlap Image

Description for Overlap image

Misc Styles