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Our goal at Westside is not for you to just observe 

but for each church member to also have an area in which they actively serve. 

Complete the form below to let our team leaders

know how you are interested in getting involved.


MUSIC - Janie Kaminski

  • VOCAL - Solos, Duets/Trios, Church Ensemble

  • INSTRUMENTAL - Church Orchestra, Solos, Flute / String Group, & Brass Ensemble. 

WELCOME - Sheri Persall
  • GREETERS - Communicate the message of the gospel through warm, loving, and engaging interactions.

  • USHERS - Help guests feel welcomed, assisted, and encouraged during the worship services.

Media / Technology - Moriah Merrill
  • Communicating through the use sound, audio visual aids, media and technology.


HOSPITALITY - Carolyn Johnson

This team helps in a variety of ways from preparing church meals
to setting up seasonal decor and decorating
for various church banquets and activities .

OFFICE SUPPORT - Tammie Herbert

Assists the secretarial staff from week to week.


Help with projects like drywall, Paint, Change HVAC Filters

GROUNDS - Doug Douthitt
Mow, trim, weed, and help with a variety of 
projects on ou
r church property 

SAFETY- Gary Correll

To provide a safe environment to do gospel ministry.


WBC KIDS - Pastor Josiah Sansone

To assist families in the spiritual formation of kids. To minister to the next generation and provide a pathway for spiritual growth and health.


JOURNEY YOUTH - Pastor Josiah Sansone

Encourage our young people to love God, strengthen relationships and share the gospel.



Send cards and notes of encouragement to our church family. Encourage those who are going through trials or surgeries.

Prepare and drop-off meals for those going through medical or physical setback.


MISSIONS COMMITEE - Pastor Nathan Damm

Providing encouragement to our missionaries so that they can flourish in their calling.


NURSURY - Becky Troxel

Serving our church families with children two years old and under.

Abstract Background


If you are new to volunteering at church, then these are some suggested ministries to consider starting in:

Hospitality Teams

Kitchen Team
Custodial Team

Maintenance Team

Grounds Team

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